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Goma Wrinkles XL

Goma Wrinkles XL

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Goma Wrinkles, from the eco brand Goma by Flowco, are recycled acoustic panels made with the recycling of shoe soles and they are the best option for interior design. Choose your favourite colour and pattern!


Our tiles are made from shoe soles, which is very cool, don't you think?

95% recycled and 100% recyclable

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Goma wants to give a new look to recycled materials and show that you can have materials that assume their true materiality, without aesthetic finishes, paintings or laminates.

Tiles can and should come from more sustainable materials. An ecological choice is a responsible choice.


    The world consumption of sneaker is estimated to be 20 billion pairs per year. Until today very little has been done to develop solutions regarding sneakers recycling and only 5% of this kind of end-of-life products are recycled. A large percentage of these sneackers are dumped into landfills.


    Goma Diamond was our first collection of decorative tiles with unique properties. In addition to the flexibility that the rubber grants, colors, patterns, and textures are an important factor in the suitability of this product. The diamond shape is one of the geometric shapes that allows more combinations and patterns. When added the possibility of colors and textures the hypotheses increase exponentially. There are no limits to creativity. Get inspired by all the cool interiors where Goma shines.