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2.0 Coaster set

2.0 Coaster set

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Hello! I am a stylish and sustainable eco-friendly set of 10 coasters and identifiers. I am made from the recycling of 2.0 shoe soles, which I think is very cool, and you? I am the ideal colourful addition to any table, a fun way to keep entertaining mess-free yet eye-catching. Thank you for your support! We are happy that our products reach further and further. Enjoy!!


Our coaster set is made from shoe soles, which is very cool, don't you think? The coasters and identifiers are made from trainers and the coaster base is made from classic men's shoes.

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You will receive our coaster set in a 10x10x10cm box.

Care Instructions

Our coasters won't give you much trouble, don't worry! If they become dirty you can just wipe them with a damp cloth and they'll be as good as new.

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