Hendrix Chair

Hendrix Chair


 Why is the urban space, in general, so repetitive and boring? Why do we follow the urban space in a standardised way? The morphological polyvalence, texture and colour of this chair tries to bring a new way of living spaces. Valuing the comfort space of each citizen, both on a physical and psychological level Hendrix Chair opens doors to urban experimentation.

"Hendrix Chair" provides a singular and informal stopping point that cannot go unnoticed. In relation to the materiality of the object, it was thought with respect to the environment. It is made of recycled rubber from shoe soles and tyres mixed with a silicone meant to offer flexibility and comfort to the user.



"They are two shells, the bottom one gives the shape to the chair and has thicker rubber. The top one, which fits into the bottom one, has more malleable rubber which gives the shape to the body"





The design of this chair was rewarded with the first prize Larus Design, it was exhibited in the Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño (bid) of Madrid and it was published in the Público, P3 and Jornal de Negócios as an interesting environment friendly project.


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